Thursday, October 9, 2014

A mess

What happens when...
a) you try and make dinner while also helping with homework
(dinner being good)
b) you're looking for the most efficient way to make your house smell like fall
c) while doing both a & b, you try and stop to take an excedrine because the afternoon headache is spike through the brain bad
If by chance your answer happened to be spill at least 5oz of cinnamon, then you would be correct. 5oz of anything is such a small amount... unless of course that anything happens to be a near weightless powdery substance, in which case 5oz is enough to fill every sweet treat the North Pole could dish out...
...for like 12 Christmases.
But, no worries friends, I vacuumed that mess right up. Hey, did anyone know that when you use the vacuum hose, you're supposed to push the little button to make sure the valve thingy is closed (to ensure the said mess doesn't just spew back all over the place)... I knew that, but, on today (today clearly being the feast day of unholy messes) I chose to forget. Not only did I have 5oz of cinnamon all over the floor, but then I had to deal with the aftermath of the cinnamon mushroom cloud that erupted when I forgot to push that lovely little button. 
Awesomeness ensued.
Kinda hard to blame the kiddos for the messes they make, when they clearly are just following in my footsteps.

...just not for everything, because I certainly cannot do this. 

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