Friday, October 10, 2014

A good day

What a great day it has been so far. Sadly, I don't often feel that way. I tend to exist on the negative side of things, but, not today. Today, I have a monster of a headache again and Danny has been a handful, but I am still able to see the greatness. 
It's nice and cool outside which makes being inside all cozy. I have this nasty habit of sweeping kid crumbs out the back door right on to the deck... yes, I seriously do just open the door and sweep it all out. But, I do that because then we have friends like this who come to visit. 
The kids just love them (and so do I!), so I continue. 
Look at those cheeks! 
The house is clean(ish)...

The kiddos are sleeping and I have Julie & Julia on since it puts my in the mood to cook. 
Dinner is underway. 
Doesn't look like much, but it is just so good. 

Simple beef tips and gravy (yet to be made) served over rice. One of my cool weather favorites. 
There are cute fall-y things sprinkled all over the place. 

So, my house smells like yummy goodness, the dishwasher is going (and that's my favorite cozy background sound), and I have justified the dining room (land of laundry) being so messy because the rest of the house isn't. 2 kids are going to be waking any minute, and the other 3 will be bouncing off the school bus soon... then, tomorrow, there's no school! That means, no school lunches or snacks to pack and no clothes to lay out for the next day. 
So yes.... today is definitely a good day. 

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