Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Saturday

So I've been slacking lately. I have the best blogging intentions but it really just can't be helped. Reason for said slacking? Kids. KIDS, people.. just the kids. Do we have 75 of them? Of course not... but I feel like the 5 that we do have might as well be 75 because it really is just chaos over here. 
Every once in a while, we get to do something fun as a family- not every day, because, well... kids...but some days we do. 
Today happened to be one of those days. 
I'll start off with some nature-y photos of where we went because why on earth would I this place not the most perfect picture of fall you've ever seen?

Breathe deep... can't you smell the leaves? 
Nothing better, I tell you. 

And yes, because all of the perfect smelling, perfectly colored and falling leaves just wasn't enough perfection- I give to you- the river that runs right alone side all of this autumn-ness. 

We really do live here, and I really am this excited about this place. Growing up, I was about 5 minutes away from all of this and it brings back great memories for me. I was here all the time, even when I wasn't supposed to be but that's the sort of thing you do when you're a kid- sort of like climbing those cliffs you see in the picture above, because yes, we really did used to do that (gasp!)...
It means so much to me that not only do I get the gift of living in such a beautiful place, but that I get to share that gift with my kiddos. 
I am happy to report that they loved it all as much as I did
 (and still do!)

Isn't is just gorgeous? See those beautiful pine trees on the right there?

My child was in one. See him? See that little hint of bright green there in the middle?
Yeah... right there. Really high up actually, like, high enough where I had to walk away because I felt a little sick. 

me- "Corey, can you please get the kids out of the tree?!"
Corey- wanders over to take pictures because unlike me he was not afraid of them plummeting to their deaths. 

me- "Corey...seriously...can you get the kids out of the tree?!"
Corey- (ignores me)

me- "I am flipping out, get them out of the tree before they fall and die. If they fall out of there, THEY ARE DYING!"
Corey- "Will you leave them alone? Can you fix this?"
(his phone) 
(me walking away again to pay attention to 2 little girls who were off not risking their lives but instead playing nicely like little girls tend to do.)

The boys did make it out of the tree, we did have a tantrum or 2 when it was time to go home, but the kids did go to bed early and pass right out...and really... can't ask for any more than that!

(and also, I'm not going to lie...more than once during this excursion did I imagine that I was actually on the run from zombies like in The Walking Dead- I know you know what I'm talking about and you know you've done it too!)

Friday, October 10, 2014

A good day

What a great day it has been so far. Sadly, I don't often feel that way. I tend to exist on the negative side of things, but, not today. Today, I have a monster of a headache again and Danny has been a handful, but I am still able to see the greatness. 
It's nice and cool outside which makes being inside all cozy. I have this nasty habit of sweeping kid crumbs out the back door right on to the deck... yes, I seriously do just open the door and sweep it all out. But, I do that because then we have friends like this who come to visit. 
The kids just love them (and so do I!), so I continue. 
Look at those cheeks! 
The house is clean(ish)...

The kiddos are sleeping and I have Julie & Julia on since it puts my in the mood to cook. 
Dinner is underway. 
Doesn't look like much, but it is just so good. 

Simple beef tips and gravy (yet to be made) served over rice. One of my cool weather favorites. 
There are cute fall-y things sprinkled all over the place. 

So, my house smells like yummy goodness, the dishwasher is going (and that's my favorite cozy background sound), and I have justified the dining room (land of laundry) being so messy because the rest of the house isn't. 2 kids are going to be waking any minute, and the other 3 will be bouncing off the school bus soon... then, tomorrow, there's no school! That means, no school lunches or snacks to pack and no clothes to lay out for the next day. 
So yes.... today is definitely a good day. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A mess

What happens when...
a) you try and make dinner while also helping with homework
(dinner being good)
b) you're looking for the most efficient way to make your house smell like fall
c) while doing both a & b, you try and stop to take an excedrine because the afternoon headache is spike through the brain bad
If by chance your answer happened to be spill at least 5oz of cinnamon, then you would be correct. 5oz of anything is such a small amount... unless of course that anything happens to be a near weightless powdery substance, in which case 5oz is enough to fill every sweet treat the North Pole could dish out...
...for like 12 Christmases.
But, no worries friends, I vacuumed that mess right up. Hey, did anyone know that when you use the vacuum hose, you're supposed to push the little button to make sure the valve thingy is closed (to ensure the said mess doesn't just spew back all over the place)... I knew that, but, on today (today clearly being the feast day of unholy messes) I chose to forget. Not only did I have 5oz of cinnamon all over the floor, but then I had to deal with the aftermath of the cinnamon mushroom cloud that erupted when I forgot to push that lovely little button. 
Awesomeness ensued.
Kinda hard to blame the kiddos for the messes they make, when they clearly are just following in my footsteps.

...just not for everything, because I certainly cannot do this. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

October-y mornings

It's October now. 
You can tell because there are pumpkins everywhere,
the temps are just a touch cooler, and mornings are starting to look like this...
The fog made for the "most best walk ever" this morning according to Claire, even though she was a little spooked with the idea of not being able to see. Not being able to see where it is that you're going until you're already there can be a little spookey, especially when you have brothers that tell you zombies are there waiting for you. Because zombies do love the fog, didn't you know? The boys said so, so it just must be true. 
So here's to fall, pumpkins, and October-y mornings!

(...not so much the zombies though)