Thursday, August 21, 2014

Support Officer Darren Wilson

A message from my husband Corey...

To all friends, neighbors, and acquaintances
Here is a plea for your help and support. If you have ever thanked a veteran for their service, or told a policeman or fireman that you appreciate their sacrifice and dedication, I am asking for your support now to assist a brother in need. 
Now, while I may not be a police officer and understand the exact nature of their daily struggle, I am a veteran and I am a firefighter and I consider the men and women who serve as police officers my brothers and sisters. 
Please join me and my family in support of Officer Darren Wilson.
Support can come by way of something as simple as a blue light on your porch, or as generous as a donation (click here to donate).
 T-shirts are also available for those of you who have the courage to advertise your support to the public who needs to see it the most
Everybody loves to criticize these brave men and women who are there to serve and protect... until it's their turn to ask for the serving and protecting. We are ALWAYS there to help you when you call... now it's time for you to return the favor.

Thank You to all who choose to stand in solidarity. 

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