Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ultimate Validation

I spent yesterday being sick. Like, sicker than sick, so today I'm moving a little slowly. Sean decided that he wanted to help me, so he offered to make breakfast. His willingness to pitch in was absolutely fueled by his own urgent desire for cereal that I felt was less pressing than my need for coffee, but at this point I was taking whatever help I could get. I knew it would be messy, but honestly that mess happens whether I'm involved or not so I figured that since clean up was inevitable, he could go for it. 
He gathered 5 bowls, 5 spoons, 5 cups, cereal, and cranberries. He took orders, poured bowls and filled cups... and then... my dear sweet boy gave me the greatest gift of all. 
He said (in a huffy, out of breath voice) 
"Mom, I'm going as fast as I can but they all just keep asking for things! As soon as I do what they want, they ask for something else! Nothing is making them happy and I haven't even been able to make my own food yet and I'm so hungry!" 
(Que angels from above and glorious singing sounds)
"I know buddy, it can be really hard to make everyone happy sometimes."
"Yeah mom, this is BAD. You never have to make breakfast again, everyone is yelling at me and I just got up! I don't want you to have to do this anymore!"
Aaaand...there it is.... He gets it! He really gets it! I know that his 6 year old self will forget by snack time, but to hear him say how hard and totally overwhelming it can be to have everyone barking at you first thing in the morning was totally priceless. Those few little words make all the work so much easier to do knowing that on some level, they are learning.
Thank You Sean! 

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