Friday, July 25, 2014

The countdown has begun

-broken up 2 fights (1 due to lego's, other due to movie selection)
-made 15 waffles
-mopped the floor due to post waffle mess
-1 load of laundry
-stepped in mystery bathroom puddle
-killed 1 prehistoric mega-bug
-vacuumed up 15 crayons worth if wrappers (Kate!!!) 
-wrestled Kate out of bathroom
(let it be noted that she got into the Vaseline so this act needs to be counted as two) 
- finally came to my senses and tossed Vaseline in the trash...

and speaking of trash, my most favorite duty this morning...

-bleaching the boys trash can after having learned that they've been using it as a potty. In their bedroom. Hence the mystery smell that I've been trying to locate. Picture an excited beagle sniffing around a new location... then swap out the cute beagle for a tired me with a disgusted look on my face due to the overwhelming stench having just smacked me in the face. 

It is now 9:36am and Nate, Sean, Claire, and Danny all went hauling outside when the neighbor kids came to play (meaning the neighborhood is currently under siege). Kate is at large, presumably upstairs causing irreparable damage to something, I can tell by the silence. I'm having more coffee....and contemplating what the "Somebody get it and RIP IT DOWN!!!!!!" that I just heard coming from outside was referring to. 

Coffee needs to wait though, because now we have this happening. 

School starts in less than a month friends... less. than. a. month. 
(but not for her... because she's 2)


  1. I am hyperventilating just reading your post. Back to School is almost here my friend!!

  2. Ohhhhhhh my gosh. That's hilarious. I laughed. And I am sorry. I laugh cause I know... OH I know. How do we survive? By laughing. :) The potty trash can is a new thing though, we haven't been there yet, thankfully. Here is hoping you get some sort of reprieve today!

  3. Your posts always make me laugh. And your newest post about he ultimate validation? YES!!!