Tuesday, June 10, 2014

These Boys

It all started with a nice peaceful moment, if you can believe it. 
Which, well, you have to... because here's the proof- 
they were calm and reading together
Now, I would say that this lasted about 10 seconds before a fight errupted or someone tried to pick someones nose or something... but that would just be a plain lie. 
The truth, if you really want to know, is that this serene moment of brotherly bliss lasted for a good 4.2 seconds before Nate began to do what Nates do best. 
So poke he did. 
You know that saying that all moms say when they have big boys and not so big boys- the one that goes something like
 "you know, one day he's gonna be bigger than you and then you'll really be sorry!" 
Well, it's safe to say that Nate has been sorry for about a year now. 
One would think that that would deter him from poking, but one would be wrong if one made that assumption because for whatever reason that continues to elude me... he carries on. And every single time, without fail, he ends up losing and thus crying with the bright red face of I just got beat up by my little brother shame. 
For as small as Sean is, he is not to be messed with. 
And so friends, 
I bring to you the all mighty and ever present 
Birth of a Fight. 
Behold...What you see before you is the initial poke. The moment that the temper starts to flare ever so slightly. There's still time for this fuse to burn itself out. 

Fortuntely for all of you that was not to be the case in this such instance. The poke continued and Sean smoldered with a steaming irritation that was not to be extinguished. Nate of course is oblivious to said irritation as he is blinded by the extreme satsfaction gained by stoking the fires of Seans temper. 

As angry and he can be, Sean is a fair fighter. He takes his time, calculates his moves, and doesn't take cheap shots. 
Here we see him flash the look of 
I'm coming for you, it's now or never
Knock it off now and I shall spare you. 
As you can tell from the smile that is still plastered all over my dear Nate's face, he has yet to aknowledge the storm that is headed his way. 
And then just like that, in the blink of an eye, he's got him! 
Like a snake striking its prey, he reaches out that skinny little arm and grabs him, locking Nate in where he will be forced to endure the wrath that he has foolishly brought down upon himself. 

Sean does not mean to play at this point, but instead to inflict a punishment only fit for an annoying older brother who refuses to relinquish his duties as professional instigator. Warnings were given, chances were wasted. It is all out go time and Sean is prepared to fight this battle to defend the honor of the chance to peacefully admire his baseball sticker book sans older brother. 
Nate begins to prepare for his ride on the pain train...
But wait... 
Sean needs just one more look before he proceeds because he finally got one of the shiny stickers that he had been waiting for. 

And this is where the photographic journey ends because I had to get up and break them apart to avoid 7 year old boy carnage on my white living room rug. 
That, my lovelies, is a mere glimpse into a moment spent with boys. It happens every hour of every day that they are together. Add in some yucky noises and some even yuckier smells and you just about have it.
 Oh....and the hugs....they're pretty good at those too. 

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