Thursday, June 5, 2014

Conversations with Danny

A conversation had with Danny while tucking him in for his nap.

"Mama, me has 1 more question, who is dat?" (pointing to an astronaut decal on his wall)
"That's an astronaut."
"Ohhh. But him needs a rocket ship. What is hims wearin? How does him gets into space?"
"He's wearing his space suit, he rides a rocket up there and then just floats."
"Ohhh..hims was in a rocket ship. Where's space?"
"Up in the sky."
"Where up in da sky?"
"Way way up in the sky."
"In dis sky?" (points to the window)
"Yes, that sky."
"Ohhh, it's up in da sky by grandpa Ned's house."
"Yes it is."
"Is space in grandpa Ned's house?"
"It's by his house I guess."
"Ohhh, maybe it's by da potty. How did hims die?"
"He was old."
"Ohhh, and the mean monster in the scary costume cut hims up?" (holy crap)
"No buddy, nobody cut him, he just got old and it was time for him to go to Heaven."
"Ohhh, up by space and Santa?"
"Ohhh....Mama, somepin is wrong with my butt."

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  1. So funny and cute, I love kids! ha ha. And I liked your last post, the communal lunch, and the "just look away" mantra., and your girls dressing up. :) My kids are in year round so it's weird sending the oldest two off to school and then doing summer stuff with the little kids. Should be fun!