Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Tuesday Morning Rant On Technology

Have you heard about these?
I saw an article about them yesterday and immediately thought... 
As if computers and phones and texting and instagram and snap chatting all wasn't enough, now we have a way to try and live the lie that technology creates. Technology is obiously not all bad, unless of course you exist in a constant state of submersion like so many of our teenagers do these days. 
Don't these just perpetuate that?
Why do we need to be able to communicate 24hrs a day?
Why do we need to have a whole worlds worth of information at our fingertips?
(Disclaimer- I am just as gulity as anyone)
Why do we need to enhance every photo taken because it's not good enough in its natural state?
Our world is stunning. 

Don't you think so?

Why is just normal everyday life not good enough anymore. 
We need Bigger. Faster. Brighter. Louder. Enhanced.
A line from the article I read asked the question 
"is your world looking a little dull these days?"

Maybe, if it is looking dull, then the problem is more so with you and not with the world. 
And maybe the answer to the problem lies more with fixing the eyes that are doing the seeing instead of the view that is being seen. Maybe learn to be happy and satisfied with the way things are, instead of changing them to fit how you believe they should be. 
Because I don't know about you, but I certainly can't find a problem with what I see. 

For you or I, it may not be an issue. 
What's the big deal right?
But what about them? What about the little minds that we are all responsible for, who are growing up in a world where 
was always the norm?
How many more years do we have where they will continue to look out of the window and be satisfied with what they see? 
Or in the mirror.
What must it be like to grow up in a world where you can be almost whatever you want to be with some cropping and a filter?
Common sense tells me that that sounds like disapointment- when the face to face can't compete with the created. 

My husband and I have had many (MAAAAANY) conversations about our kids and video games and iPads. On the days when it is just plain hard, when the kids are bored and fighting, and we just wish to the high heavens for some peace- we think- let's just do it! Let's give in and just get them something, anything that will keep them busy. 
But for whatever reason (usually cost because we have so many kids) we don't do it.... and know what?
We live to see another day. 
See being the operative word. 
Our kids still see what is around them. They still go out and experience things. Now, video games and computers in moderation would certainly not destroy that- but it opens the door. A door that will inevitably be opened whether we give them the keys or not. If I can keep that door shut for just a little bit longer, give them just a little more time to see with eyes that haven't been clouded by what the entire world is flashing in front of them.... then that's what I'm going to do. 

And maybe the wonder will last just a teensy bit longer. 

(Disclaimer #2, I am not a video game fan, but a huge reason for that is the fighting it will create with 5 kids and turn taking and such- I do not think they are entirely bad- but it will create for us more chaos then they're worth!I have zero judgment for those who make them work in their homes-just jealousy!)

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  1. I love this post so much!!!! Thank you for that perspective today. It is totally true. What a strange world we live in. Normal IS good enough! What are we teaching our children? Anyway, I want to share this on facebook!

  2. I have not seen these glasses before. It's completely baffling. Our world is so amazingly beautiful...I won't be buying them :( Thanks for the post and I completely agree with your thoughts!