Thursday, April 24, 2014

The dresses... Oh the dresses

Remember this picture from Easter?
What you can't see very well are the dresses the girls both have on. 
Yes they match, yes they are handmade, and yes they are amazing. 
Let's examine, shall we? 
Oh yes.... let's!
My VERY talented mother in law made these beauties for the girls and I am just in love with them. 
The front. 

The sweetest nursery rhyme toile fabric for the bottom half. 

Coordinating blue polka dot for the top half. 

The back, 
complete with perfect bow that my miserable hands cannot tie as well as my mother in law can. 
But there are two!
And they match!
And they're so cute I want the girls to wear them every single day, but they can't because then they'll get ruined and I'll cry...
So instead, I will sneak into their room and peak in the closet in between functions that I intend to plan just so they can wear these dresses. 
Deep breath.

The girls agreed. 
They wore them proudly. 

And were so excited they just could not sit still!

 But finally they did, because the dressmaker needed a picture. 
So, picture we did...and they turned out lovely. 
Just like the lady that made them, with the love and care that only a Baba could. 
So thank you!
You are very talented, and Etsy is calling you. 

(But not until the girls are older because we have MANY dress necessities to come!) 

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

 The baskets!
The goodies!

The smiles!

The eggs!

The smasher of eggs!
(in Santa jammies because we don't care about things like that around here)

The oldest egg hunter who couldn't find his eggs!

The hunt!

The oldest egg hunter who finally found his last egg and then didn't want the moment documented! 

The jelly beans!

The flowers!

The bunnies!

The chicks!

The family! 

Happy Easter!