Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy hooky day

We're playing hooky from preschool today. 
It looks like this outside...
which actually looks like this..
It's dark and dismal and this picture shows the gloom way better but is all flashy and not as pretty. 
Pretty soon all of this wet, which is everywhere, is going to freeze and the snow storm is going to start. Home seems like the place to be today, not driving around picking up kids from preschool 
(when they go 5 days a week so they can afford to miss a day.)
Besides, we have things to do. 
Important things. 
Window huffing and puffing. 
(See? Where does the dark go when the flash is off? Wouldn't that be a useful tool to have in our brains all winter long?)
Perfecting our cute smiling. 
An impossible task I think, since that looks pretty perfect to me. 
Visiting our lonely sister while she watches a "girl show" and doesn't want to sit alone. 
Climbing lessons... or rather... UN-climbing it seems. Apparently she's got the climbing part down pretty good. 
Annnnd clearly some kitchen cleaning- because, as you can see, the kitchen fairies did not visit me last night when I went to bed at 8:30pm with a headache. 
Annnnd some laundry, they neglected to do that as well. 
(Thinking I need some new fairies.)

**update on Happy hooky day- 
Staying inside where it's warm and cozy?
Best. decision.ever. 

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