Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A winter wonderland

Is what this looks like. 
Except it's not. 

It's a spring wonderland, or rather, 
a -spring that refuses to be spring- wonderland. 

But it sure is pretty, and no matter how many times I see it or how many pictures I take, I will never get tired of it. 
One of these days, I am convinced that I will look outside and it will be like that forest scene in Snow White where all of the little woodland animals come out to play. 

What really makes it pretty is that knowing that tomorrow it's supposed to be 48 degrees and this is all going to melt. Then the rains will come. But the rains bring green and right now with all of the dormant dullness that sounds like pure heaven. 
Because no matter what that snow says, it IS springtime!
See? The decorations say so, and therefore, it must be true. 
Besides, we're going crazy in this house...

(craziness aside, that is salmon he's attacking because Sean "only eats healthy foods!" ... such a good boy)

But soon enough we will be able to do way more of this...

And we're all pretty happy about that. 

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