Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A winter wonderland

Is what this looks like. 
Except it's not. 

It's a spring wonderland, or rather, 
a -spring that refuses to be spring- wonderland. 

But it sure is pretty, and no matter how many times I see it or how many pictures I take, I will never get tired of it. 
One of these days, I am convinced that I will look outside and it will be like that forest scene in Snow White where all of the little woodland animals come out to play. 

What really makes it pretty is that knowing that tomorrow it's supposed to be 48 degrees and this is all going to melt. Then the rains will come. But the rains bring green and right now with all of the dormant dullness that sounds like pure heaven. 
Because no matter what that snow says, it IS springtime!
See? The decorations say so, and therefore, it must be true. 
Besides, we're going crazy in this house...

(craziness aside, that is salmon he's attacking because Sean "only eats healthy foods!" ... such a good boy)

But soon enough we will be able to do way more of this...

And we're all pretty happy about that. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

Pre-parade prepping. 

Pre-parade smiling. 

Pre-parade visiting. 

Pre-parade people watching. 

Post-parade exhaustion. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy hooky day

We're playing hooky from preschool today. 
It looks like this outside...
which actually looks like this..
It's dark and dismal and this picture shows the gloom way better but is all flashy and not as pretty. 
Pretty soon all of this wet, which is everywhere, is going to freeze and the snow storm is going to start. Home seems like the place to be today, not driving around picking up kids from preschool 
(when they go 5 days a week so they can afford to miss a day.)
Besides, we have things to do. 
Important things. 
Window huffing and puffing. 
(See? Where does the dark go when the flash is off? Wouldn't that be a useful tool to have in our brains all winter long?)
Perfecting our cute smiling. 
An impossible task I think, since that looks pretty perfect to me. 
Visiting our lonely sister while she watches a "girl show" and doesn't want to sit alone. 
Climbing lessons... or rather... UN-climbing it seems. Apparently she's got the climbing part down pretty good. 
Annnnd clearly some kitchen cleaning- because, as you can see, the kitchen fairies did not visit me last night when I went to bed at 8:30pm with a headache. 
Annnnd some laundry, they neglected to do that as well. 
(Thinking I need some new fairies.)

**update on Happy hooky day- 
Staying inside where it's warm and cozy?
Best. decision.ever. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Today is wonderful

It's March! 
The sun is shining! 
It's like 47 degrees! 
I'm pretty happy about all of that, can you tell?
See that?
That's gross half frozen mud water... which I have to say is just gorgeous to my sun starved eyes right now because seeing that means I'm not seeing ice. 
The whole yard is covered in swampy mush and that's just fine with me because kids love mud... which means they'll want to be outside playing in it... which means they won't be in here! 
Not being inside is something that has become imperative to our survival.  
You see, nice calm scenes of sibling love and teamwork like the one pictured above do not happen very often anymore. 

Unless of course they're begging for food, which does happen often. 
This picture cracks me right up. Why? Because 
a) Kates face is just awesome.
b) Danny is breaking it down to the music that only exists in his own head. 
c) There are 400 hundred different things happening (Kates obvious feelings towards me, Dannys epic boogie, Nate vegging out, Sean misbehaving because he doesn't agree with the cartoon choice- I know this because that's his head you can see at the bottom of the tv screen as he tries to climb up to turn it off, and if you listen really closely I'm positive you'll be able to hear the tantrum Claire was having in the background, because the sound is so shocking that I believe it can in fact be heard through pictures.)

So.... right....if these kids want to go outside and roll around in the dripping wet muddy filth I am letting them. If they want to slurp the dripping wet muddy filth through a straw, I'm letting them do that too. Because it'll be outside. And outside is at this point in the winter season, my ultimate salvation. 
Because it's March! 
And we sure do love ourselves some March around these parts!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Conversations with Claire

Claire- "Mommy, I love you."
Me- "I love you too!"
Claire- "I'm gonna think of somepin to give you like, when you get older for like maybe a birfday or somepin."
Me- "All you need to give me is good behavior and no tantrums."
Claire- "Um, I mean like a shiny diamond ring, or a pretty Cinderella dress that sparkles, or like maybe a big huge castle that Daddy will give me money for and have workers build so I can give it to you and just the girls will live there."
Me- "Amen sister."
Claire- "Mommy, why are you praying?"