Monday, February 24, 2014

Kate can...

1. Say "ta-da!!"
2.  Mimic (mock?) her father 
(Which is not at all funny. Seriously. Not at all. Right Corey?)
3. Discard criminal evidence when approached. 
(Which is normally sorta funny, except when said evidence is an unopened can of diet coke, and when said method of discarding is to throw, and when the scene of the crime is the dining room- seeing as how throwing unopened cans of carbonated beverages causes them to explode. Yes, yes this did happen.)
4. Force any and all unsuspecting violators out of her space. 
(With "her space" being defined as my lap.)
5. Help unload the dishwasher and washing machine. 
6. Take her own clothes off. 
(Which is a serious inconvenience....see?)
7. Make epic messes
(See above photo... uncropped)
8. Give huge hugs and perfect smooches. 
9. Share moms tuna sandwiches. 
10. Climb with purpose.
(And has the bruises to prove it.) 

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