Monday, February 3, 2014

A new trick

This past weekend was most productive... for some. 
Kate learned a very useful new skill, courtesy of her older brothers and sister. 
No, it's not blinking, though, my life would be much easier if it was. 

It's gate climbing (sigh), 
 give your mother a stroke 37 times a day

She's very good at the actual climbing, so it's not really that part that makes me nervous. 

And she's nice and careful going up, so it's not that either. 

She loves playing in the bedrooms, and hasn't been up there much other than to sleep so she's very interested in all the new (to her) things the kids keep up there. But, her baby attention span only allows her to stay up there for 15 seconds at a time so the up and down is constant. And therein lies the issue. 
The coming down process ages me roughly 10 years a day. I figure at this rate I have about a week to live. 
I have said for a while now that she is my best climber (or worst depending on how you look at it). Danny, her go to source for all things naughty, didn't do this until he was 23 months old so she's got him beat. 
She's been pretty good so far, with only 1 fall which left her sweet little head feeling like one of these
So, down will come the gate...for good this time. And hopefully we will all survive to see another week! Or at least until the warm weather arrives and we can go outside to where the real injuries come from!

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  1. I think I would prefer the blinking too (that's pretty adorable!!!) Good luck with monkey child. I so get a kick out of your blog because you seem to really enjoy your children - even amidst the antics :) I love it.