Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scenes from this week

Hoping to turn this...

in to this.
(with a recipe I found here) 
Crossing my finger that it works, because I've been waiting on this dough for like 15 hours now. 

So very pretty...but we're all still so very sick of it. 
I bet the crew that was outside of the kids preschool trimming trees in this storm agreed with me. 

We said goodbye to our last crib. And for a family that not so long ago had 3, this is one big (and VERY welcomed) deal. 

So goodbye crib, hello big girl bed!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Kate can...

1. Say "ta-da!!"
2.  Mimic (mock?) her father 
(Which is not at all funny. Seriously. Not at all. Right Corey?)
3. Discard criminal evidence when approached. 
(Which is normally sorta funny, except when said evidence is an unopened can of diet coke, and when said method of discarding is to throw, and when the scene of the crime is the dining room- seeing as how throwing unopened cans of carbonated beverages causes them to explode. Yes, yes this did happen.)
4. Force any and all unsuspecting violators out of her space. 
(With "her space" being defined as my lap.)
5. Help unload the dishwasher and washing machine. 
6. Take her own clothes off. 
(Which is a serious inconvenience....see?)
7. Make epic messes
(See above photo... uncropped)
8. Give huge hugs and perfect smooches. 
9. Share moms tuna sandwiches. 
10. Climb with purpose.
(And has the bruises to prove it.) 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Snuggly Sisters

Kate gets her big girl bed next week...
she was not prepared to wait that long. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Ever have that weird 'something smells funny' issue but you can't pinpoint the cause? Well, maybe you too have an ancient pb&j lurking in the depths of an old forgotten lunch bag, hiding behind your laundry room door. 

My amazing neighbor loves to buy these chips from some Amish store, eat about .1oz of them, and then give them to us for "the kids"... except "the kids" really translates to "me" when I'm crabby. See how big the bags are? That's weeks of bad mood snacking material. And about 17 extra pounds. 

There's clutter again. Which would be easily cured if I would just stop cmplaining about it and do it...but where's the fun in that?

Especially when you have something like this that is supposed to eliminate said clutter. 

I let them climb on the table 579 times a day. And I don't care. It's february and I feel like at this point if they wanted to spray paint the inside of my house I would let them. We are bored. We need nice weather. 

And my favorite? 
Kate pulled all of my pot roast leftovers down off the counter yesterday when I stepped into the garage to grab something. She said "uh-oh" and I cried because that was the last thing my fragile mental state could handle (and I was hungry and very excited to enjoy them). 
It was time to pick Claire up from preschool. I grabbed Danny and Kate and off we went. 
While standing there waiting, some mom I didn't know started to look at Kate and went over to her thinking that she had dried blood on her head and was in need of assistance. 
It was in fact pot roast gravy from the leftover incident that had dried all over her head. 
My baby was not bleeding, which was of course good news, but she did smell like beef and looked seriously neglected- which was humiliating at best. 
I would love to show you a photo, but I quickly ran to the car and did a spit-on-my-mitten-and-scrub-her-face bath. 
Oh how we need spring to come.
So badly. 
So so sooooooooo badly. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

A new trick

This past weekend was most productive... for some. 
Kate learned a very useful new skill, courtesy of her older brothers and sister. 
No, it's not blinking, though, my life would be much easier if it was. 

It's gate climbing (sigh), 
 give your mother a stroke 37 times a day

She's very good at the actual climbing, so it's not really that part that makes me nervous. 

And she's nice and careful going up, so it's not that either. 

She loves playing in the bedrooms, and hasn't been up there much other than to sleep so she's very interested in all the new (to her) things the kids keep up there. But, her baby attention span only allows her to stay up there for 15 seconds at a time so the up and down is constant. And therein lies the issue. 
The coming down process ages me roughly 10 years a day. I figure at this rate I have about a week to live. 
I have said for a while now that she is my best climber (or worst depending on how you look at it). Danny, her go to source for all things naughty, didn't do this until he was 23 months old so she's got him beat. 
She's been pretty good so far, with only 1 fall which left her sweet little head feeling like one of these
So, down will come the gate...for good this time. And hopefully we will all survive to see another week! Or at least until the warm weather arrives and we can go outside to where the real injuries come from!