Thursday, January 23, 2014

Educating Danny

Danny is finally "riding the potty train" and thus, has started preschool. A right of passage in this house that means you get to a) have your own friends that you don't have to share, b) get to eat a snack that you don't have to share, and c) get to use paints that you don't have to share. 
(obviously the sharing issue is with their siblings as they have to share everything at home, they are more than willing to share with friends) 
So we took the customary fireplace photo, complete with backpack. 

He was so proud for it to finally be his turn. 
But then something happend-
They all wanted in. 

And the smile got even more proud. 
For as much as they love the concept of not having to share with a sibling, they look at themselves as a group and honestly operate as one too, as if they're all a moving part of a larger machine. 
A loud, fighting, screaming, laughing, mess making machine that certainly comes with no manual and requires 24hr maintenance. 
So off to preschool he went, the first one yet to not want to get out of the car, but like most kids he loved it all the same. And what was the first thing he said after his first day was over? 
"me can't wait to tell the boys!!!"

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