Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Conversations with Claire

Claire- "Danny, I'm is not a cheater! I'm is a winner!"

me- "Claire, please don't shove the baby in the cabinet."
Claire- "But mom, it's not a cabinet, it's her bedroom."
me- "Well, you still can't shove her in there."
Claire- "But look (crams baby head first into toy cabinet), she fits! And she's smiling because she loves it. When I'm is older, I'm putting all of my babies in cabinets."

Claire- "Mommy, can you please wash my blankie? I doesn't like the crusty corner when it gets too crusty."

Claire-"You're not even a nice mom."
me-"Yes I am Claire."
Claire-"No you're not. Nice moms don't make kids eat spaghetti when it gots meatballs in it!"

Claire-"Ho ho ho!! What do you want for Christmas?"
Baby Kate- "eeeeeaaaah"
"You want to go for a ride Baby Kate? Okay!"
(huge crash)
me- "What was that?"
"Claire!!! Did you throw the baby over the chair?!"
Claire- "Mom, she said she wanted a ride for Christmas and since I'm is Santa I HAD to do it!"

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