Monday, January 27, 2014

On being Awesome

A good friend sent me this this morning and I have decided to let it change my day. Don't you just love when that happens?

"You're awake. You're awesome. Live like it."
~Kid President 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snowed In

It is snowing, like really snowing. But aside from pre-Christmas snow, this is the type I love the most. The serious snow that comes right when it knows you have no where to go and your cupboards are all stocked with enough food to feed all 8 of you. 

There is this huge drift on the deck right outside of our back door. Since you can sort of see inside of the snow, the kids have been pretending that this is what it would be like to live in an igloo. I love this because they're using their imaginations, but also, because I have secretly been doing the same. 

We want spring to come so badly we can't even tell you, but today it is snowing... and that's just fine with us. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Morning

6:00am- Claire wakes up screaming as though she's being slaughtered, apparently needing to use the bathroom that early in the morning is a frightening experience (I concur). 

6:00am- Kate decides that she needs out of bed too, I mean, it's only fair.

6:01am- I decide that I am in no way ready to start my day so Claire gets back in bed, Kate comes to bed with me. 

6:02am- I immediately regret my choice after experiencing a massive blow to the face courtesy of my darling, not sleepy daughter. 

6:15am- Apparently not sleepy was a false assumption because Kate is passed out.... then I must have to because..... 

(quick glance at light coming from window. Crap. I've overslept.)

7:35am- I realize that Sean never finished his musical instrument project that was due today because we watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 instead, because I'm awesome like that. 

7:37am- Cheerios are poured, Seans decorating his drum, kids are eating away. 

7:40am- I realize something is not right with this scene...Oh that's because I forgot to wake Nate up. Seriously?

7:41am- "NATE!!! TIME TO GET UP!!! WE'RE LATE!!!!" ..."no"..... "GET UP! SERIOUSLY!!" ....."no"...... Back and forth a few times. Eventually he did get up, and eventually my throat did stop hurting from yelling. 

7:47am- I break up a weirdly delayed fight that broke out 3/4 of the way through breakfast once it occurred to Claire that Sean was sitting in her chair. 

7:50am- Kate throws her entire bowl of Cheerios and cranberries across the kitchen. 

7:50am- I make (the worst) lunches (ever).

7:53am- I swallow an Excedrin for breakfast. 

7:54am- I help Nate brush his teeth because he says teeth are annoying and he wishes he didn't have any anyways. -let it be noted that I stepping in a mystery puddle upon entering the bathroom in my bare feet. 

7:55am- I grab clothes for boys to get dressed. 

7:56am- Nate says he's never going to school again because he hates long sleeves and declares that he has an overall disdain for this house in general. 

7:57am- Sean gives me a huge hug and tells me he loves me, presumably because he can see the crazy about to boil over. 

7:58am- The boys gloves are missing since a certain teenage brother is nocturnal and chooses to do laundry at midnight and has relocated the gloves I placed on the washing machine to an undisclosed location. 

7:59am- Finally, boys off to the bus stop. 
.....I stand there watching them walk down the street like I do every morning...tick-tock, tick-tock..... Nate is S L O W and it is some kinda cold.  

8:03am- Somebody (who shall not be named because no one will admit to the crime in question) broke Kate out of her chair. 

8:04am- Kate had a party all by herself, the main fun consisted of dumping the 4 full cups of water and milk that had been left on the table by 4 naughty older siblings. 

8:05am- I admit total defeat and start cleaning up the milky mess, think I feel tears.

8:07am- I beg Danny to please put pants on. 

8:08am- I chase Danny with the pants, still begging. 

8:10am- I watch as Kate uses her chubby baby fingers to stuff her discarded cheerios down the heating vent.

8:11am- Nate and Sean come back home with bright red faces. "Schools closed Mom! Why would you make us go when it's too cold for school?!"

8:12am- I look up the news and yup, there's a dangerous wind chill and school is in fact closed due to the cold. 

8:13am- I hang my head in shame. 

8:14am- The kids announce that they are going to spend the whole day playing musical instruments in honor of Seans missed presentation with his homemade drum. 

8:15am- I am over feeling bad for sending them off into the tundra and considering sawing my own ears off with the knife I had to relocate earlier because Kate was grabbing at it on the counter because the band the kids have started is the most unholy kind of loud. 

(sigh. deep breath. sigh) 

The End. 
Oh.... No wait... it's NOT over.... Because it's 9am and I still have the entire day ahead of me..... 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Educating Danny

Danny is finally "riding the potty train" and thus, has started preschool. A right of passage in this house that means you get to a) have your own friends that you don't have to share, b) get to eat a snack that you don't have to share, and c) get to use paints that you don't have to share. 
(obviously the sharing issue is with their siblings as they have to share everything at home, they are more than willing to share with friends) 
So we took the customary fireplace photo, complete with backpack. 

He was so proud for it to finally be his turn. 
But then something happend-
They all wanted in. 

And the smile got even more proud. 
For as much as they love the concept of not having to share with a sibling, they look at themselves as a group and honestly operate as one too, as if they're all a moving part of a larger machine. 
A loud, fighting, screaming, laughing, mess making machine that certainly comes with no manual and requires 24hr maintenance. 
So off to preschool he went, the first one yet to not want to get out of the car, but like most kids he loved it all the same. And what was the first thing he said after his first day was over? 
"me can't wait to tell the boys!!!"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Conversations with Claire

Claire- "Danny, I'm is not a cheater! I'm is a winner!"

me- "Claire, please don't shove the baby in the cabinet."
Claire- "But mom, it's not a cabinet, it's her bedroom."
me- "Well, you still can't shove her in there."
Claire- "But look (crams baby head first into toy cabinet), she fits! And she's smiling because she loves it. When I'm is older, I'm putting all of my babies in cabinets."

Claire- "Mommy, can you please wash my blankie? I doesn't like the crusty corner when it gets too crusty."

Claire-"You're not even a nice mom."
me-"Yes I am Claire."
Claire-"No you're not. Nice moms don't make kids eat spaghetti when it gots meatballs in it!"

Claire-"Ho ho ho!! What do you want for Christmas?"
Baby Kate- "eeeeeaaaah"
"You want to go for a ride Baby Kate? Okay!"
(huge crash)
me- "What was that?"
"Claire!!! Did you throw the baby over the chair?!"
Claire- "Mom, she said she wanted a ride for Christmas and since I'm is Santa I HAD to do it!"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter days

The color of springtime is in the flowers; the color of winter is in the imagination. 
~Terri Guillemets

The long-ness of winter is upon us, where the days all run together. The kids are restless and bored, and no amount of sleep makes you feel rested. I feel like that's because the days of January and February are so monotonous, waking up in the morning to the exact same thing you went to bed to tricks the mind into thinking it has never gone to bed at all. 
But, I'm still in love with life and would never change a second. There has been so much sad news swirling around the community these days that it has reminded me that our monotony is a gift. There is no controversy (today), no problems to speak of in our crazy family. Just a quiet calmness during the day where I try and pick at this house bit by bit in an effort to organize 8 people. Followed with the chaos in the evening that comes with those 8 people living their lives all under this one roof. The kind of chaos that reminds you of Cheaper By The Dozen, but that you love so much that even after you watch it, your husband still blurts out "I want 6 more, no, maybe 4... just 4 more."
I am grateful for every second and am working to remind myself every day of how endlessly lucky we are to live where we do with the family that we've been given. 
The tune will most likely change by tomorrow, but at least for today, we are all happy. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Window shattering cold

Apparently, the truck thinks that -9 with a windchill of -32 is a bit extreme. We agree! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowflakes and a spring countdown

Christmas is over, but we've still got months left of wintery-ness left to go and it makes me want to leave snowflakes all over the house. 

So that's what I did.

...along with pinecones because aren't you supposed to do that sort of thing in the winter?

I just love when the sun shines on everything and makes it all sparkly.


So pretty. Except...
This is definitely NOT from today though. We're currently living in the frozen tundra of death right now with tomorrow bringing with it a high temperature of -3 degrees!
No school, no sunshine, no anything really... which is fun, but not for days on end. Because when it's -3 degrees we can't do fun things like preserve moms sanity by going outside.

Instead, we entertain ourselves by doing things like scream, fight with brothers and sisters, argue that we can't "get over the purple bridge" in Perplexus ...and of course run laps as seen briefly here


So....I'm thinking it's time to bring The Spring Countdown out once again. 


See more snowflakes and other pretties here.

Friday, January 3, 2014

It snowed

...for like 2 days straight. 

...and Kate is a fan!
Hoping she also likes the bitter, freeze your nose off type cold too because Tuesday is looking rough!