Monday, December 16, 2013

Why french fries make me mad

While at preschool, my kids were all taught how to order from McDonald's.
Now, Sean's kindergarten class is using fast food to teach the alphabet. Is it cute? Yes, but also sort of sad. 
I can think of a million other words that start with the letter "F" that would work just as well. This is just another way to enhance the unfortunate presence of this yucky way of eating that most of us are guilty of. 
I cook most of the kids meals. I am not some food nazi, but I do try and keep things as homemade as I have time for. From time to time they do have nuggets or pizza, but those things are not a regularity in our menu. Schools preach to the heavens about healthy eating and exercise, but when they limit recess and use fast food as a teaching tool I feel they undermine their own efforts. 
Of course they're not telling the kids that they need to go home and demand fast food for dinner. This could absolutely just be a project to teach the "F" sound. But, it is also just another way that our unhealthy lifestyle is taught to our children as the normal way of living. We use things that are known and familiar to teach them. French fries are normal to most kids, but that's a fact that's unfortunate given our nations obesity and overall health situation, and not something I feel should be utilized in schools as a learning tool. 
Some other "F" words that might have worked well...

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