Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This is what our Christmas looks like

I love when it snows around 5 as it's getting dark and everything looks almost blue outside. 
Our semi decorated tree (bottom 1/4 is of course almost bare since a certain someone can't be trusted just yet.) 

 Our friend "Grady" who came to visit from the North Pole. Grady is supposed to be providing incentive for better behavior amongst the troops here but if you ask me, he could be putting forth a touch more effort. 
I just love sparkle... 

And would slather my whole house in glitter paint if it was socially acceptable. 

Taking down all the white twinkle lights is the saddest thing for me once the holidays are over. 

These last 2 have nothing to do with Christmas at all but I just love them. The weather was nasty outside and dinner was cooking away all warm and steamy. 
Hot food on a freezing day is just so cozy...

Especially when there's a sneaking baby to share it with. 

I just love Christmastime! 

More pretties here.

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  1. Love the last pic! I took our Christmas card pics with a 3.5 yr, 22 months and 6 week old last week. Let's just say no group pic made the card... Only individuals : )