Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve... apparently

True Story- Last night (as in MONDAY), mere moments after saying to a snarky teenager,
"it's Sunday, why would dad be at the office on Sunday night? Of course he's at the firehouse!" 
a good friend asked me what we had planned for tonight. The question would have sounded more normal had it been a Friday or Saturday, but a Monday? I replied, 
"tomorrow night? Um...nothing? Should we be doing something?" She answers back, 
"well, it is New Year's Eve silly!" 
Nope, had no idea. I had lost track of the days, and apparently the entire year. 
And, the best part about all of this? As I sat down to write this, even after I made sure the trash got out this morning, and even after my momentary humiliation of being super cool parent who didn't even know the day last night.... I STILL had to check my phone to make sure that it was in fact Tuesday. 
I have loved the kids being out of school and having the break from homework, lunces, and schedules. But clearly my kids school schedules are my only ties me to reality! 


things heard by me while writing this- 
"Eew, who didn't flush the toilet?!", 
"baby broke this thing."
"Claire called me a bad word!",
 "but MOM he won't let me help him find his underwears!", 
"my brothers and sisters were the worst idea ever!",
 "I can't do this all by myself, it'll take forever, my feet are hurting!",
"baby got the wipes again!",
"someone put dirty underwear in the cup in the bathroom!",
"I wanna watch Big Big Friend!",
 "GROSS! He put a booger on my shirt!",
 "I want more opimeal!",
 "um, the baby is on the table!"

I think my minds escape from reality is clearly justifiable. 

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  1. All of those quotes made me laugh!!!! And I'm glad i'm not the only one who feels like she's losing her mind!! We are surrounded by little crazy people. :) Who we love so so much, ha ha! Well I hope you have a happy New Year now that you know what day it is!