Friday, December 20, 2013


Kate has yet to master the skill of self control and has been a wee bit too friendly with the Christmas tree. 
I catch her ripping ornaments off of the poor unsuspecting tree daily, sometimes nicely, sometimes not so nicely. 
This encounter was one of her more violent ones. 
Another gingerbread man down, torn from his cozy spot on our sparkly tree. A casualty of a curious baby at Christmastime. 

Danny is outraged- and since Danny has got to be in Santa's top ten on the naughty list himself, for him to be upset, it must really be bad. 
Measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the last few remaining gingerbread men. 

She may be guilty of assaulting the Christmas tree at least a dozen times a day- BUT- she is the only one of my children who will accept a time out with with maturity and dignity. 
Looks like there's hope for her yet!

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