Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mom, can we go outside? Can we, can we, can we???

If you live in a place that gets any sort of snow, you know exactly what I mean. 
Waking up in the morning to the fresh, sparkly snow that has been peacefully falling all night long. 
The kids come down, peer out the windows with that magical look on their faces... and then...
The begging begins (at around 7:30am) to go outside and play in the snow. I want to scream at the top of my lungs "Yes!!! Yes you can go outside to yell and run and jump and yes I am happy about it because you won't be doing it inside the house!"
But, playing outside in the snow also means mom and dad (or in this case, just mom since it's a firehouse day) gets to round up 4 kids worth of gear. Then mom gets to stuff 4 kids into said gear after pleading with 4 kids who "don't have to go!" to pleeeease use the potty because coming back in to use the potty after gear stuffing is super duper off limits!!!!! 
(deep breath)
So, round up the gear I did. 
I got not 4 pairs of gloves, but 8 instead, because the gloves that keep hands dry don't make good snowballs and we certainly can't have that. Also, side note, there was most definitely evidence that a mouse has been roosting in Dannys boot again. I shudder. 
35 minutes from beginning to end to get the kids ready, and all while a smelly baby who needed a diaper change waddled around excitedly thinking she was breaking out too. 
They went charging outside with perfect kid-in-winter joy. 
We took our annual picture. The first time this photo was taken Nate was barely taller than the counter. Time is flying. 

Then they each went down the slide because snow pants make you shoot down at warp speed. 

Swinging in the snow was a huge hit...I knew there was a reason we forgot to take those down once winter arrived. 

Once I was spotted with my camera they figured out how fun it was to make faces at me through the door. 

Baby Kate was not happy to be left behind. But her brothers and sister all took turns throwing snowballs at her through the door and she was content just to laugh at them. 

All in all, the fun lasted a mere 20 minutes. Nate was the first to come back in because his good boots were forgotten in school and his feet hurt in the old ones. Followed by Sean who can't breath without his brother by his side. Danny and Claire were next because their hands were too cold to make snowballs and they had boogie noses. 

Getting them all ready to go outside in the snow is a TON of work, and creates a huge mess when they come in...and all for a measly 20 minutes!
But, those smiles tell me that it's all worth it. And that the work it makes for me is the most meaningful work I'll do all day if it makes them happy. 


  1. Yes and yes. I totally understand this post!!! Our baby Ella got left behind too and she was not happy, either. I like your idea to buy double the gloves. Genius!

    1. Yes, I get those tiny stretchy ones that cost $2 and we double up. I've currently got 8 pairs of soaking wet gloves drying on my counter :)