Monday, December 2, 2013

A New Team For The Boys

The boys start wrestling practice tomorrow and Sean is a little excited. 

"I've been waiting my whole life for this mom. I am gonna pound on Danny when I get home!"
(as he does big muscle arms and growls)
"Um, not you're not Sean. Danny's little and wrestling does not mean you get to pound on anyone."
Nate is a little more unsure about it than Sean. 
"So, are we allowed to wrestle other people there or is it just for brothers?"
"Nope, you'll wrestle all kinds of people there."
"Will they teach us how to punch harder?"
"Nate, there is no punching in wrestling. Dad told you that already."
"But, then why would you do it?"
Double yikes. 
When they boys played soccer for the first time a few years ago, Sean had some difficulty making the (very) important distinction between football and soccer. Within mere minutes he had plowed through every member of his team. I sort of looked around to see if parents were aware of the fact that he was indeed mine, then closed my eyes as he went for the back of the coaches knees, taking her down as well. 
Wish us luck with this new end-ever, or rather, wish others luck. 
Positive side, their father has to take them as I will be at Irish dancing with the girls, something that thankfully is much less contact oriented! 

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