Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Friday

Things Danny has cried about already today 
(and it's 10:50am) 
-That we dropped Claire off at school
-That we need to go pick her up soon
-That he wanted 2 granola bars
-That I gave him 2 granola bars
-That he had to share with Kate
-That Kate decided she didn't want any
-That I asked him to help me clean up
-That I cleaned up by myself
-That I asked him to get off the table
-That I didn't help him get off the table
-That I made myself soup and said that since he didn't like it, he didn't have to eat it
-That I got the mail without asking him
-That I offered him some milk
-That I didn't give him milk since he said no

"Top takin pitures at me mom!!!"

....See where I'm going with this?
I'm just going to inhale deeply and remind myself of this
Happy Friday! 
If you're me, 
Happy day before a firehouse day when you're all alone with 5 screaming kids and 1 cranky teenager all of whom can't stand you 67% of the time!  

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