Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween to us!

Sad will be the day when I can no longer force my kids to coordinate on Halloween. But, that's a sadness for another day... because this year they were all minions! And it was perfectly hysterical. 
There is nothing funnier to me than a 16 month minion with an attitude. 
What wasn't funny was the weather. 
This will go down in the memory books as one seriously wet Halloween. Trick or Treating went on though despite the pouring rain and whipping winds (that sadly enough would NOT allow my beautiful jack 'o lanterns to stay lit!), and the kids thought nothing of it as they tore down the driveway.

 As the night went on I got a few stragglers come back home but for the most part, they all hung in there. 
Everyone had such a great time, they were totally 
soaking wet by the end.... but so so happy. 

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