Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Best "Brothers"

...because in Dannys sweet mind, brother translates as friend, which I find to be the most adorable thing so I don't correct him. Instead, when he whispers in my ear that I am his "best brother", I whisper "you're my best brother too!" right back. 
Speaking of friends, these two are becoming quite the pair. On this day Danny taught Kate a lesson in baby wrangling, a skill at which he has grown to be most proficient. 

They play together, runaway to the neighbors together, sneak snacks without permission together...he teaches her to smile, and climb, and jump, and how to not eat things off the floor (well, sometimes not eat off the floor). 

He's typically very gentle with her and has only put her outside once without my knowledge ..which my motherly intuition tells me that it is all in the spirit of encouraging her independence because according to him, she is after all his "very best brother!"

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