Thursday, September 19, 2013


Life has been crazy. 
Between the house and the kids, I have time for next to nothing. I feel like sort of a fool for even saying that because I know that in another 5 years my current version of busy will look like a vacation compared to what's surely coming my way. 
Kind of like when my husband and I look back on the days when we used to bicker about whose turn it was to put all of Nates toys back on the tray once he'd tossed them all off for the 15th time. We ask ourselves what we were thinking and wish we could go back and tell ourselves to appreciate the simplicity of it all. 
But that's the way it goes right? 
You don't ever know how good it all is in the moment. Only after that moment has passed do we look back at how wonderful it all was compared to whatever struggles we have in our current time. 
That thought seems a bit deep... and silly considering I'm giving the same amount of thought right now to some leftover pizza that's in my refrigerator. 
Oh well. It's the best can do in this moment.
We had a birthday party for Danny and Claire this past weekend. 
I was so busy enjoying the party and visiting with our guests that this sad picture is all that I have as proof that my children turned 3&4. 
False... I have a million pictures as proof that they did indeed turn 3 and 4, just none from the party. Which, to be honest, wasn't even on either of their birthdays so I feel fine about it. We didn't sing Happy Birthday or light candles either. Claire was sound asleep on the deck in the middle of her party and Danny was too happy playing to be bothered. I might regret that later in life, but I'm pretty sure I won't. We all had fun and at the end of the day the kids were happy and had spent the day doing exactly what they wanted to do. That's the point of a birthday anyways right?
So... we'll continue to just keep on surviving...until things calm down and we are able to find some time to slow down and relax...
(35 years from now!)

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