Monday, September 23, 2013

Hi Grandpa Ned

The kids were playing outside the other night with their father, and when I came outside to see what they were up to this is the sight that greeted me. 

I swear I have never seen a more interesting sky, and while my husband was less than impressed I could not stop staring. 
Needing someone to share my enthusiasm for the beauty of it all, I pointed it out to the kids. 
Sean then looks over his shoulder and says "he's peeking at us!" 
The "he" that my Sean is referring to was my grandpa Ned who passed when Sean was just a few months old. Sean has developed a relationship of sorts with him and whenever he sees the sun rays shining through the clouds he knows that it's his great grandpa Ned stopping by to check on us. 
Sean is the only one that without fail will stop what he's doing and say
 "Hi grandpa Ned!"

And from the looks of the rays that followed, it sure seems to me like grandpa Ned got the message. 

Sharing with Clan Doaldson for Theme Thursday: Out


  1. This made my morning brighter. How wonderful that he has that relationship and that Grandpa Ned responds in kind.

  2. Amazing sky, amazing shot, amazing story, thanks for sharing!

  3. First, that sky looks menacing! Second, how precious of your son to have that connection :)

  4. I love these shots too. I have many of them from our time in Nebraska where the thunderstorms would roll into a beautiful clear blue sky and the contrast was always so striking. Great shot.

  5. That is an awesome sky. I agree with you...I would have just stood there gazing at it. Good for you for thinking of taking a picture!