Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Claire!

You were the first girl. 

You were the first to look like your dad. 
We would come in to check on you in the mornings because you wouldn't cry when you woke up, instead you'd be looking around quietly in your crib. 
You loved to smile...and still do!

You love your brothers and they all take turns loving you right back. 

You brought frill to our house with your love of pink princesses. 
You don't eat meat but are always willing to try a bite of steak just to be like the boys. 
After 2 long years of watching your brothers go off to school, you finally get to go too and are loving every second. 
Your favorite movie is Cinderella and you have a better day if you're wearing "beautiful clothes!"
You do NOT like sharing you age with Danny for 5 days...

but those yucky 5 days are all over  (at least for another year) because you're 4 years old now!

Happy Birthday Claire Bear... we love you! 

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  1. Okay okay you need to tell me how far apart all your kids are-- I didn't realize two actually were the same age for a few days! I love it! My closest are 13 months. And I have to know if you wanted them all super close or it just happened that way. Am I being nosy or what :) When we had our first baby, I figured we'd have two years or so in between them all, maybe more. the spacing between mine can sort of tell you which were more of a surprise- 13 months between the first two, 2 years between the next two, 16 months between the next two, 2 years between the next two, and my baby and this next one will be 17 months. :) But I've ended up loving it this way, you know what I mean!