Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Claires Thoughts On Dad

"I like his firetrucks and I like to sit in them."
"I like to go to his firehouse."
"Hims makes good steak."
"I like him to tuck me in when you is gone."
"I really want to go with him to rescue someone in his firetruck."
"I like to draw him pictures of squares and circles and triangles."
"He's fun because he's good at wrestling with us. I love wresting with daddy."
"I also like for him to turn on movies for me."
"Daddy sometimes sounds like a turtle."
"Daddy likes to cook and go to bed."
What does dad look like?- "a fireman"
What does a fireman look like? -"He wears a fireman hat and a fireman coat and a fireman boots and he's dirty. "

-"Mommy I wanna stop talkin about dad now because I'm is gettin sweaty and I need to color."

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