Thursday, August 8, 2013

Twist and Shout

Scene- Boys are outside shooting each other up with nerf guns and apparently the sliding glass door is locked...

"(BANG BANG BANG) Claire let me in please."
"No thank you."
"Claire! Open the door! I have to go potty!"
"No you don't."
"Yes I do, unlock it!"
"Um, say the magic words."
"Say, um, twist and shout, thems are the magic words."
"Claire open the door! I really have to go potty!"
"Yous have to say the magic words first."
"Fine. Pleeeease Claire, open the door?"
"Nope, say twist and shout. Now!"
"Twist and shout Claire, now OPEN IT!"

It's 9:30am and already we have managed to-
~spill not 1, but 3 bowls of leftover cereal (Kate, Dan, and Claire)
~climb up on the table and get stuck under a chair that's on the table in a futile effort to try and keep me off of it (baby Kate!)
~kill a massive basement dwelling "long skinny yucky bug" (Sean!)
~bite through both sides of our tongue (poor Danny)
~slip, unnoticed and alone, into the dark garage for a period of up to but not greater than 20 minutes (baby Kate) 
~Shoot our defenseless sister in the back with brand new nerf bullets (Nate!!!!! and Sean!!!!!)

School starts in less than 1 week... not that we're counting down or anything. 

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