Friday, August 23, 2013

The vent.. and what lives there

See this entire bowl of food (and other random goodies)? See the 2 spoons and the huge chunks of paper?
 Need another view?
Here you go, have another look...
Now that you've gotten familiar with this serving of awesomness, want to know where it all came from?
See that little vent back there?
Yeah, the one by the window...

This one right here...

Yes, that is correct. Every single bit of that food/stuff, including both spoons pictured, was recovered from that one single heater vent located in what has got to be the worst location of all time. 
To the home builders of the world, why on Earth would you put a vent right smack where the table is clearly supposed to go, in a house that has 5 bedrooms because it's clearly supposed to contain many children? 
Yes I could teach my children to not stuff things down the heating vents, I mean, why didn't I just think of that from the get go?
But, despite my best efforts, the shove-things-down-the-vent fairies still manage to work their magic and help stuff find it's way down on in there. 
Not that Danny had anything at all to do with it or anything, no, he would never- as illustrated right here and also here and...well... sorta anywhere else on here. 

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  1. Oh my, we have a vent in that exact placement - in front of the patio door, behind the kitchen table and namely, right behind the kiddos chair. I am now very very afraid.