Friday, August 9, 2013

He really does love them

I asked 17yr old brother to go outside with the kids yesterday as I wasn't up for cleaning up a muddy baby (it had rained). I expected the usual, a grumpy teenager with his face shoved into his phone screen, while the littles overtook the neighborhood Lord of the Flies style as they tend to do. 
But, this time he played with really played. 
And they loved it. 
Amazing how that works right? You're nice to little kids and they're actually nice back instead instead of saying things like 
"you're a stinky diaper weirdo who stinks!"
I took as many pictures as I could since this is a seriously rare occasion and I felt it necessary to have proof of such an experience. What I do not have a picture of however, is the absurd position I was in to try and take these pictures on the sly because if 17yr old brother would have caught me it would have all been over. 

Yup, that him totally riding a big wheel. 
 Sniper practice apparently, perfect as I'm pretty sure he had his minions acting as ammunition runners. 
 Witness as a highly dangerous situation unfolds, i.e. everyone climbing up on the mailbox- something that I typically don't allow because I picture my sweet babies plummeting to the unforgiving concrete. But, I went against instinct and trusted that 17yr. old brother would keep them safe(ish). 
 Which he did! 


This is where I stopped watching as seconds later Danny (seen standing in the stripped shirt- yes, that's a pajama shirt) took a massive leap off the mailbox. Yes he landed on the grass and yes he was fine... but.... augh, I can't even talk about it. (boys!!!) 

Instead we can talk about what my windows look like really close up
I could clean that but why would I when it's so pretty?

Also pretty is baby Kate who watched from afar. 
 As cute babies tend to do. 
She got a little excited. 

 And was reminded that I was taking pictures when I laughed a little. 

 So she opted to strike a pose. 


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