Monday, August 19, 2013

A Language Arts assignment

Big brother comes home today and presents me with this question from his teacher...
"As the time grows near for me to leave home, what is the most important message or belief that you hope I will take with me and remember throughout my life?" 

I immediately feel like I'm back in school and I begin to wrack my brain for ideas. I had 5 little kids tornado-ing through the house all needing my attention for various reasons. I did my best to tend to each of them while making dinner, but still give this question the thought it deserved. 
Know what? It was hard! 
But there I sat, working hard to give an answer to the question that was being asked of me... and then it came. 
Hard work. 
That was the message that I hope he takes with him when he ventures out into the world. I think that in this instant gratification society that kids are raised in today, the idea that one might actually have to work for something can easily fall by the wayside. He has recently began working his first real job and is quickly learning the art of earning a dollar as well as time management. I hope the feeling of pride that comes with earning his own money sticks with him. I hope that he remembers how long it took for him to save up those paychecks before he spends them. Wishful thinking? Probably, but regardless, this was my response...

The most important message that we wish you would take and keep with you always, is that you will be able to achieve anything in this life that you want, as long as you believe in yourself and are willing to put in the hard work. The universe is full of opportunity, but nothing in this life that's worth having comes easily. hard at whatever it is that you choose to do in order to carve out a life that you love and are proud of and you can never go wrong. 


  1. Perfect... absolutely perfect answer. I love it! It's what I hope, too.