Monday, July 29, 2013

What IS that smell?

I cleaned and cleaned yesterday...
and yet I somehow still manage to find little treasures like this tasty treat in my couch cushions. At first I thought it was a chunk of laundry lint. Upon further inspection, I realized that it was a piece of strawberry...that is apparently like 4 weeks old. 
I love my babies.
But I'm sort of over the gross-ness that comes along with them. 
There is a smell hanging out in my kitchen/hallway-ish area that cannot be located and is evidently now part of the house. 
It's possible that it could be the aroma of the trash in the garage wafting back into the house, but I'm pretty sure I remember said smell before the trash came to live there. You know how a dripping sound could drive you crazy? That's what not finding this smell is doing to me. Driving me crazy. Slowly. Agonizingly. Crazy. 
This must be the reason that I can't detect things like the moldy rotten strawberry that has been about 2 feet from my nose for forever. I have this intense fear that I have become accustomed to gross-ness just like those hoarders you see on tv. 
So....just gross....just so very gross! 

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  1. I'm loving your writing. Always makes me laugh. So much so, I have nominated you for a blog award, head on over to my site to check it out :) Happy Monday!