Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stolen potatoes and veggie trays

One of Kates most favorite games- to sneak into the pantry and swipe potatoes. 
I hear "the baby is eating a potato!" from one of the kids at least once a day. 
To each his (or her) own I guess. 

In an effort to save some sanity I have started to simplify lunches. I thought this one would be a hit. 
Silly me. 
You see, that bread (buttery croissant made of flaky goodness) is "curly" and therefore unfit for consumption. 
 I also have been frustrated with the boys lack of veggie intake. I came across this idea here and had a major duh moment. 
So now everyday, sometimes for lunch, sometimes for snack, I put out a huge tray of whatever veggies or fruits I happen to have and low and behold they get gobbled right up.
 Funny how that works right? 
I love how easy it is to set the tray on the table, hand them each a plate and say have at it.
Sometimes I give them peanut butter or ranch to dip, sometimes not. Either way, I think at this point I could put darn near anything in that tray and they would eat it. 
(organic animal crackers from Costco that my kids devour by the fistful) 

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