Friday, July 5, 2013

R.I.P. Billy

Moms of boys, who knows who this is?
In case you're unaware, this is Billy. He lives with Thomas the tank engine on the island of Sodor.
Or, he used to rather... 
You see, yesterday Dan decided to relocate him to our toilet. 
Did you know that a train could be flushed down the toilet?
It can. 
It's clearly stuck though, because the toilet is clogged to high heaven. Which is something I'm pretty excited about because the other upstairs toilet has Claires jewelry stuck in it. 
Yes, I know what everybody is thinking, and the answer is yes, Danny did that too. 
Oh Billy, whatever happened to you being very useful?
Sort of makes me think of Misty Island Rescue when Thomas gets stuck in that tunnel...
Which makes me think I watch WAY too much kid tv. 
A moment of silence for poor Billy who is going to be in serious need of a trip the the Steamworks when his journey is over! 


  1. Nice post! Following you from Crafty Spices.

  2. Oh my goodness. You're making me second guess the decision not to put one of those toilet safety latches on our baby registry.

    Poor thing. (You!)

    1. Boys sure are curious little creatures! (p.s. I skipped over to your blog and I think I live pretty lose to you!)