Monday, July 1, 2013

Conversations with Nate, Sean, Claire, and Danny

"My foots is cookin!"  Claire 

Nate -"Look at the sun going down, it's so pretty!"
me- "It sure is. Remember who lives up there?"
Nate- "Um......"
Sean- "I do! Uncle Ron, Grandpa Ned, Jesus, and Thor!"

Nate- "Since baby Kate is 1, are we going to get a new baby soon?"
me- "Nope, no more babies."
Sean- "Why not? Did the baby store close?"

Nate- "When we move, we need to remember to take that lamp."
me-"We're not moving, we're going to live here forever. Why would  we move? I love our house!"
Nate- "Well I don't..."
me- "Why don't you like our house?"
Nate- "Sean and Wes live in it!"

me- "Want to watch a dinosaur movie?"
Danny- "No mommy, no dino-naurs!"
me- "Why not?"
Danny- "dose (those) dino-naurs are mean!"
me- "No they're not Danny."
Danny- "Yes dem are mommy, dose dino-saurs are mean to me and eat me......I have a snack pleeeease?"

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