Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cooking for kids- the bain of my existance

I love my kids. 
I love cooking. 
I do not love cooking for my kids. 
I do not love cooking for 6 kids, with 6 different food preferences, 6 different opinions, and 6 loud voices to express those opinions. I do not love the ever present urgent demand for food as if they've woken up from a month long hunger strike at 6:30am and will disintegrate if they aren't fed within the next 47 seconds. 
I do not love that when they are served a meal, I am served with am onslaught of "I don't want that, I don't want milk, but I want that instead, I need more, I need less, I don't like it because it's brown, I need a spoon, I said I don't want a spoon, where's my cup, why does he get the blue cup, I am starving, I hate meat, I only like meat, that noodle is weird, I don't wanna eat ever again!....."
Some parents dream of their children becoming doctors. 
Some parents dream of their children playing in the major leagues. My dream, is that someday I can put food on the table and see 6 smiling faces shoving their faces happily, in silence, except to say "Thank you dear mother for this wonderfully tasty and nourishing meal."  
Something tells me I am more likely to see 6 baseball players with their M.D.'s playing in the world series. 

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  1. Oh, wow, I kid you not, I was JUST thinking how I was going to write a blog post on eating and children and how exhausting it is!!! I think it's one of the biggest sacrifices we mothers make- we try so hard to serve food that we barely get to sit down and eat ourselves. Sometimes I want to yell, "NO I WILL NOT (get you more food) (get you another spoon cause yours fell on the floor) (get you a drink) et cetera because MOMMY is SITTING down and EATING so LEAVE ME ALONE. No you can't sit on my lap and eat my food either." So, so exhausting!!