Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A day at the park

The other day my husband and I sat racking our brains trying to think of something we could do with all of the kids. No matter what the situation, we almost always decide upon just taking them to a park. It's free- perfect! And really, I think the kids prefer it. There are so many in our family that it's almost impossible to please everyone with one particular activity, unless of course, the activity is going to the park. 
I like the less is more approach to entertainment anyways. I love that they are just as happy running around than if we had went somewhere like the movies. 
We drove to one of our favorite little towns nearby ("Frog Jump Capital of Ohio"- how cute is that?), picked up dinner, and had a picnic in the park!
(translation: we spend unnecessary money on food that the kids didn't eat because they were too excited to play!)

 Claire being pretty. 
 Danny showing his muscles. 
 ...just like his father. 

 When Sean and Nate were younger they had a little trouble with this rock wall. Sean was able to do it after  try or 2 but Nate really struggled. Danny, however, flew up this thing with no effort whatsoever. A perk of being the youngest boy I suppose. 

 At some point Kate got a little restless so we took a walk around the park. There's a track that is darn near close to a mile long that circles the giant green field in the middle. 
Claire heard and airplane and convinced herself that it was in fact a lion coming out of the forest to get her. 
 We spotted a small bird house along the way... I may or may not have explained that it had been built by fairies. Never hurts to instill a little extra imagination!
Speaking of imagination, if I were 5 years old again (or 32) I know I would see this barn and pretend I lived on some old farm just like in   this book. This place is honestly the most beautiful park around. I'm so glad that our kids love it as much as I do! 

 How could they not with a view like this?

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