Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day for me

A gift from my Sean made with the help of the wonderful teachers at preschool. I am in love with this picture!

A gift from my Nate that I accidentally saw a few days early and had to help him hide until Sunday. Perfection.

My beautiful flower that Sean chose just for me. 

I spent my Mother's Day, well, being a mom. There was no pampering, no breakfast in bed, no spa day. It was just me and the family and it was exactly as I wanted it to be. I broke up some 5yr old boy fights, wiped a few behinds, cleared the floor from dropped food, and cleaned the bedrooms with Claire. I would never celebrate Christmas by not doing Christmas-y things, why would I ever celebrate Mother's Day by not being a mom? It was a day like every other. Except it wasn't...
The hugs seemed tighter, the thank yous seemed to mean a little more, and the mundane chores of the day felt more like a privilege than a duty. 
I never understood why Mother's Day was so special until I became one myself. It really does, at least for me, feel like it's a special day created just in my honor. A bit dramatic? Yes! But, I spend a lot of my time feeling like a servant, a warden, a waitress, or a cook. It's a beautiful feeling to know that no matter what there is one day when the world says "you're a big deal!" and I am more than happy to soak it up. 
So happy Mother's Day to me, and to all of you who spent the day doing what you do best...
being a MOM. 

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