Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Today will be a great day. 
It has to be, how could I possibly wake up to a view like this and not start off with a positive attitude? Yesterday our local news was flooded with the story of three women that had been kidnapped 10 years ago were found, ALIVE, and in the same city in which they disappeared! Is that not a miracle? I remember seeing the vigils being held around town on the news and the father of one of the victims saying that he'll never give up hope, the flyers hanging around the city. 10+ years and they are alive and found just minutes from their homes! I can't even rap my head around how these families must feel knowing that they have defied the odds and overcome every statistic. Last night was the first night these poor girls have spent where they had nothing to fear in over a decade. The sense of relief they must have experienced must have been overwhelming. 
It's not often that you hear stories like this in the news today, where the outcome isn't one of pure tragedy. 
And it's stories like these that need to serve as reminders for the rest of us that there are others everywhere, not just on our local news but across the entire world, who are experiencing circumstances that are so horrible we can't even imagine them. The stories of movies that scare us or make us sad are the everyday lives of these poor souls. There are also people everywhere that have so much less and who work so much harder, and yet are so much more grateful just to simply be alive. 
As I stood in my kitchen this morning with my coffee, looking out my window at my manicured lawn and my willow tree, I thought of all of these people. I was ashamed at how many mornings I have spent looking out that same window feeling sorry for myself for one reason or another. We all have our crosses to bear, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that I have not one single thing to complain about. I have not one single reason to not feel eternally grateful for every second that I am breathing. My life has been so very blessed and there is no excuse for me not to recognize that fact every minute of the day. 
I certainly can't promise I won't every be caught pouting again, or whining that something hasn't gone my way... 
but as for today,
today I shall be grateful. 

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  1. Well said... that story was amazing!! Sometimes it takes them to really be grateful. Also I loved what your son said about daycare a couple posts ago HA HA:)