Friday, April 12, 2013

Strange happenings

 Anyone that has a baby knows that their diapers very often contain surprises... Not often however, is the occasion when that surprise is a lego batman. 
I could tell something was off when I got her out of her crib after nap. Sure enough, she had a superhero stowaway in her cupcake jammies. 

Not that she minded. 

If you heard screaming about an hour ago, no worries, it was just my Claire. Sean thought he would be hilarious and convinced her to step outside. He then locked the door and laughed at her. Was he laughing because she was locked out? Nope. You see, there was a huge wild turkey that had been wandering around our yard all morning that was now eyeing my frilly little girl. Claire was less than pleased as it took about 3 seconds for the terror of death by wild turkey to set in. 
Yes, I let her in before I grabbed the camera. 

Her screams scared the thing away. 
Probably in his best interest as the first thing Sean said was 
"did he come for Thanksgiving?" 
God Speed Tom turkey, poor bird. 

Speaking of birds...
My buddy is back!
Last year we had a robin who nested on a bike that was hanging in our garage. My husband was not happy but I pleaded with him to leave it alone. Well, the bird would have had babies had it not been for some nasty animal that climbed up and smashed her eggs. And she did relieve herself all over the garage as my husband predicted... but I loved her still. At the end of the season when she left I promised to never let a bird do it again and was told that it was now my responsibility to clean up her...deposits? 
Well, she loved our garage SO much that she decided to return! 
(I really don't know why because it was clearly not a success last year) 
 So now I'm back to feeling guilty for having to shut the garage door, knowing I am keeping my visitor from her nest. I absolutely did not leave the door open during the storm the other day because I wanted her to stay warm and dry (wink-wink). 

I am certainly no animal lover, but for some reason I feel like this bird and I are meant to be together. Half because I'm getting old and staying home all day is making me go soft in the head, and half because I think she may be able to help with a HUGE problem we are having. 
Go ahead and think I'm kidding but it's totally disgusting. 
We are in the middle of tons of spring rain, which is awesome because everything is finally turning green again. But, with the ground being completely saturated the worms are seeking refuge and are foolishly headed into our garage. They have no idea that there is no dirt for them in there and they slug on, inevitably dying a disgusting death on the garage floor. If I were a bird, particularly one that ate worms (like my robin) I would be feasting. 
Yummy huh?
Well if these guys don't make your tummy grumble don't worry, there are about 4 thousand other ones to pick from. 
I don't mind worms, but I'd mind them a whole lot less if they were where they were supposed to be. 

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