Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nate the great turns SIX today

Happy Birthday Nathan Patrick
In 6 years, you have learned to...
Use a spoon. 
Ride a bike. 
Brush your teeth. 
Write your name. 
Read a book. 
Climb a willow tree. 
Fold your clothes. 
Dig a hole. 
Give a compliment. 
Be a brother. 
Be a friend....

You're a pretty amazing boy and I am proud that you are my own. 
You looked up at the moon once when you were so small and you said "it's a whole new world out there huh?"
It sure is Nate, and I am so excited to spend the rest of my days watching you explore it. 
Happy Birthday Nate Nate...6 is going to be amazing! 


  1. Happy Birthday Nate! It is a big world out there, go exploring!

  2. Aww happy birthday! Aren't you sad though cause now you can't say you have 5 kids 5 and under?? :) He is a cutie! Also, yes, I so hope my kids will grow up loving each other, not hating each other. :) and seriously, we have been lucky with dying eggs the last couple years, last year I even forgot to put newspaper down on the table and no spills! It's an Easter miracle.