Monday, April 29, 2013

Kids and their comments

Things I heard over the weekend but wish I hadn't- 
"There's a shoe in the potty."
"Danny's leaking!"
"Kate's in the garbage!"
"Kate's in the fireplace!"
"Nate stuck his finger in my eye ball!"
"I bet dirt would taste better."
"I heard Dad say you had to clean up the bird poop in the garage."
"Look what you done! I doesn't like you ever again!"
"Dan has food coming out of his sleeve."
"Can we watch Fresh Beat Band?"

I would also like to thank Nate's teacher for giving him the part of "stinky cheese man" in his kindergarten play. I anticipate hearing "you're a stinky cheese man, you're a stinky cheese man!!" come out of Seans mouth about 47 million times over the next month. 

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