Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Babies, beans, and brothers

 This baby loves her beans. 
But this baby kinda loves everything. 
So far, she has never refused anything that was put in front of her.

 Easily the best eater I have had. 
Baked beans were a was the London broil that we had with them. Not often do you come across a 10 month old who will scarf down steak, which she happily shoved in that chubby little mouth. 
Such a refreshing experience, to be able to put something in front of somebody and actually have them eat it!
This is what was happening behind her as she was trying to eat dinner...

That is some distraction. 
A little story about those lightsabers...
Nate received $20 for his birthday so I took him to Target and let him pick something out that he could buy with his very own money. 
He went through a few ideas, and then spotted the Star Wars section, which is like the holy grail of coolness to a 6 year old boy. He had saved up a few extra dollars from doing chores around the house so with his birthday money he had enough for the fancy one that made the woo-shy noise and had real lights. But, he picked the much cheaper version which was only $9.99. I asked him why he chose the one that he did and he responded "so that I can buy one for my brother too." I had instant tears from the sweetness. 
Sean is a HUGE sharer, Nate, not so much. So I was so surprised by his generosity. We picked a red and a blue and came home and presented the goods to the most excited little boy ever. 
They hugged, and then immediately began fighting to the death... and have been ever since. 
I love that they're such good friends. Seeing how close they are makes all the work so worth it! 

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