Monday, April 29, 2013

Kids and their comments

Things I heard over the weekend but wish I hadn't- 
"There's a shoe in the potty."
"Danny's leaking!"
"Kate's in the garbage!"
"Kate's in the fireplace!"
"Nate stuck his finger in my eye ball!"
"I bet dirt would taste better."
"I heard Dad say you had to clean up the bird poop in the garage."
"Look what you done! I doesn't like you ever again!"
"Dan has food coming out of his sleeve."
"Can we watch Fresh Beat Band?"

I would also like to thank Nate's teacher for giving him the part of "stinky cheese man" in his kindergarten play. I anticipate hearing "you're a stinky cheese man, you're a stinky cheese man!!" come out of Seans mouth about 47 million times over the next month. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Sean

Things that make Sean happy
running super fast
fresh cold water
tie shoes
talking about school
ham sandwiches
straight covers
tuna bagels
being handsome

Things that don't make Sean happy
macaroni and cheese
being quiet
when Claire skips her nap

You are the brightest smiler, the kindest sharer, the hardest crier, the greatest friend, and the sqeeziest hugger.
You LOVE asking questions that you already know the answers to,
and we wouldn't have you any other way! 
Happy 5th birthday Sean, 
We love you! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

The talents of Dan

He hangs from a door knob better than any kid I have ever seen!

He fills the potty with fun things from the trash can!

He spills his cereal almost every single day!

Wears his sisters shoes like a champ!

Teaches his sister how to jump like froggie! 

Friday, April 19, 2013


A most welcomed side effect of warm weather and serious play.   

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Happy Morning

"Sun is shining.

 Weather is sweet. 

  Make you wanna move your dancing feet."

 ~Bob Marley 

Happy Monday :) 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Strange happenings

 Anyone that has a baby knows that their diapers very often contain surprises... Not often however, is the occasion when that surprise is a lego batman. 
I could tell something was off when I got her out of her crib after nap. Sure enough, she had a superhero stowaway in her cupcake jammies. 

Not that she minded. 

If you heard screaming about an hour ago, no worries, it was just my Claire. Sean thought he would be hilarious and convinced her to step outside. He then locked the door and laughed at her. Was he laughing because she was locked out? Nope. You see, there was a huge wild turkey that had been wandering around our yard all morning that was now eyeing my frilly little girl. Claire was less than pleased as it took about 3 seconds for the terror of death by wild turkey to set in. 
Yes, I let her in before I grabbed the camera. 

Her screams scared the thing away. 
Probably in his best interest as the first thing Sean said was 
"did he come for Thanksgiving?" 
God Speed Tom turkey, poor bird. 

Speaking of birds...
My buddy is back!
Last year we had a robin who nested on a bike that was hanging in our garage. My husband was not happy but I pleaded with him to leave it alone. Well, the bird would have had babies had it not been for some nasty animal that climbed up and smashed her eggs. And she did relieve herself all over the garage as my husband predicted... but I loved her still. At the end of the season when she left I promised to never let a bird do it again and was told that it was now my responsibility to clean up her...deposits? 
Well, she loved our garage SO much that she decided to return! 
(I really don't know why because it was clearly not a success last year) 
 So now I'm back to feeling guilty for having to shut the garage door, knowing I am keeping my visitor from her nest. I absolutely did not leave the door open during the storm the other day because I wanted her to stay warm and dry (wink-wink). 

I am certainly no animal lover, but for some reason I feel like this bird and I are meant to be together. Half because I'm getting old and staying home all day is making me go soft in the head, and half because I think she may be able to help with a HUGE problem we are having. 
Go ahead and think I'm kidding but it's totally disgusting. 
We are in the middle of tons of spring rain, which is awesome because everything is finally turning green again. But, with the ground being completely saturated the worms are seeking refuge and are foolishly headed into our garage. They have no idea that there is no dirt for them in there and they slug on, inevitably dying a disgusting death on the garage floor. If I were a bird, particularly one that ate worms (like my robin) I would be feasting. 
Yummy huh?
Well if these guys don't make your tummy grumble don't worry, there are about 4 thousand other ones to pick from. 
I don't mind worms, but I'd mind them a whole lot less if they were where they were supposed to be. 

Conversations with Sean, Nate, & Claire

Sean- "Mom!!!!! Nate was trying to step on me!"
Nate- "Indeed I was dude, indeed I was."

Sean- (as we were driving in the car alone together) "Mom, I am so sorry the kids are being so outrageous today. (shakes head in disgust) I'm really gonna handle them when I get home!" 

Sean- "Claire, you're gonna eat worms for dinner. Moms making you have worms!"
Claire- "No her isn't you big boy! Worms is not pretty! 
Mommy, I told Sean you is not feedin me worms. Them isn't pretty. Them is gross and them is not food!,
Stop it big boys!!!"

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Babies, beans, and brothers

 This baby loves her beans. 
But this baby kinda loves everything. 
So far, she has never refused anything that was put in front of her.

 Easily the best eater I have had. 
Baked beans were a was the London broil that we had with them. Not often do you come across a 10 month old who will scarf down steak, which she happily shoved in that chubby little mouth. 
Such a refreshing experience, to be able to put something in front of somebody and actually have them eat it!
This is what was happening behind her as she was trying to eat dinner...

That is some distraction. 
A little story about those lightsabers...
Nate received $20 for his birthday so I took him to Target and let him pick something out that he could buy with his very own money. 
He went through a few ideas, and then spotted the Star Wars section, which is like the holy grail of coolness to a 6 year old boy. He had saved up a few extra dollars from doing chores around the house so with his birthday money he had enough for the fancy one that made the woo-shy noise and had real lights. But, he picked the much cheaper version which was only $9.99. I asked him why he chose the one that he did and he responded "so that I can buy one for my brother too." I had instant tears from the sweetness. 
Sean is a HUGE sharer, Nate, not so much. So I was so surprised by his generosity. We picked a red and a blue and came home and presented the goods to the most excited little boy ever. 
They hugged, and then immediately began fighting to the death... and have been ever since. 
I love that they're such good friends. Seeing how close they are makes all the work so worth it! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Spring is finally here! Words cannot express the happiness I feel when I shove my beautiful (and screaming) little children outside to play (and quickly lock the door behind them). I realize spring started weeks ago, but seriously it was still snowing last week.
This has easily been the longest winter of my life.

So, in celebration of our new found sunshine...we shall play!

"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."
    ~Margaret Atwood 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nate the great turns SIX today

Happy Birthday Nathan Patrick
In 6 years, you have learned to...
Use a spoon. 
Ride a bike. 
Brush your teeth. 
Write your name. 
Read a book. 
Climb a willow tree. 
Fold your clothes. 
Dig a hole. 
Give a compliment. 
Be a brother. 
Be a friend....

You're a pretty amazing boy and I am proud that you are my own. 
You looked up at the moon once when you were so small and you said "it's a whole new world out there huh?"
It sure is Nate, and I am so excited to spend the rest of my days watching you explore it. 
Happy Birthday Nate Nate...6 is going to be amazing! 

The best kind of rolls

Neck rolls, wrist rolls, thigh rolls... we've got them all! 
(and by we I mean Kate... ok, so maybe I have them too but mine are more disappointing than they are cute) 

I sure do love me a chubby baby. Elbow and knuckle dimples, and squishy little baby behinds stuffed into cute things that we like to take pictures of. 

 I could do this forever. 

(Clearly she was wearing pants but she found them a bit cumbersome. Who needs pants anyways?)
Ahhhhh, much better. Pretty tough to strike a pose like this when you're sporting ruffled pants! 
Sadly I know there will come a day when she won't want her rolls anymore... but that day is not today! Because today Kate is going to be busy growing bigger and plumper and enjoying every second. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Baba and her babies

A house needs a Grandma in it.  
                                                             ~ Louisa May Alcott