Sunday, March 17, 2013

Who needs a parade when you can have a party?

The Decor

Yes, this is only a little bit of it but I didn't feel like chasing down every shamrock in the house. The "faith, family, friends" sign is always there. The Irish flag is construction paper and scotch tape. Don't be jealous of my artistic genius. 

The Food

Irish soda bread. I would give you the recipe but I cheated and used a mix.. It was DRY but at least it looked really pretty. 

Cupcakes! Something I'm sure St. Patrick himself ate a ton of... actually no. Nothing about these are Irish but they sure do feel festive. 

Especially these ones that I made with a silicone heart cupcake mold. So cute! 

 My gorgeous shepherds pie. 

That we ate half of before I remembered to take a picture. It was heaven in a casserole dish. 

The Crafts

A fruit loop rainbow that I found on Pinterest. Super easy and the perfect craft for kids ages 2-5, and because I have a 2,3,4, and 5yr old that sure does work for me! 

Thank you Auntie B for your assistance! 


We painted shamrocks and horseshoes. This was not the perfect craft for ages 2-5 and it created some pretty healthy mess. But they had fun so I guess I can handle it. 

And finally...

The Smiles 

The real reason we do not so perfect for a 2yr old crafts and throw around tons of unnecessary decorations. I am a very lucky girl have all of these lovelies around me to share days like today with, I don't always remember that, but today I did. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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  1. You are amazing for doing all that.. I forgot to even wear green. And when my 4 year old came home from preschool today wondering why his friend's apple juice turned green and his didn't i quickly ran into the pantry with some green food coloring. Yes, it was the day after st. patty's day but I told him we just must not have seen it yesterday.. oops. fail